Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

51TUSM5iXLL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgWhat it’s about: As a girl, Rose Franklin accidentally stumbles upon an enormous, metal hand buried in the woods in her backyard. Decades later, Dr. Franklin leads the search to discover the origin of the hand, and assemble the other enormous body parts that are mysteriously appearing across globe. Also entangled in the top secret project are two headstrong soldiers, a young linguist, a resentful geneticist, and billions of dollars of funding. As the pressure mounts and the ominous origin of the buried giant slowly becomes clear, the team is forced to decide if their loyalties lie to the government, the world, or each other.

Why I liked it: I finished this book on the beach this past weekend and I texted no fewer than 5 people within the hour to recommend it. Not only is the plot extremely compelling, the storytelling is brilliant and unique. Sleeping Giants is told as a series of interviews with a mysterious CIA operative narrator, a format which heightens the suspense and keeps the story moving along naturally. Like in Louisa Hall’s Speak (shoutout for yet another incredible speculative fiction/sci-fi with an ingenious narrative structure), what is unsaid is as much as the story as what is on the page. It’s gripping and intelligent, with compellingly flawed characters, and builds to a very satisfying climax and resolution.

Also, I was delighted to find out that the sequel was released last month! I’m stiff-arming both the libraries I work for into buying it for the collection ASAP, because I can’t wait to read more. Sleeping Giants is Sylvain Neuvel’s first novel, and he totally crushed it.

Audience: 16+

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