Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

26864835.jpgWhat it’s about: Blood for Blood is the recently released sequel to Wolf by Wolf, and it picks up right after Yael’s failed assassination attempt of Hitler at the Victor’s Ball. It follows Yael, Luka, and Felix as they work their way deeper into Germania, trying to assist the struggling rebellion with one last desperate attempt at Hitler’s life. But there’s a spy in the group who will betray them before they reach their goal. Captivating and even better written than the first book, Blood for Blood will keep you racing through the pages to its devastating conclusion.

Why I liked it: Ryan Graudin has done some remarkable: she’s written a sequel that’s better than the original book! The characters are more fleshed out and complex, there are fewer plot holes, and the story is clear, interesting, and suspenseful. While I liked Wolf by Wolf, I had a blast reading Blood for Blood and was encouraged by the noticeable improvement in her storytelling. (Writers get better! There’s hope for all of us!) I really fell in love with the characters, and the ending was satisfying and realistic. A great revisionist history ride.

Audience: Teen

Published: Nov 2016

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