Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel

28374370.jpgWhat it’s about: Seventeen-year-old Samuel Bolt and Rachel Cartland are fossil hunters; smart, methodical, and, coincidentally, in love. Samuel is hot-headed and eager like his father. Rachel is the opposite; withdrawn, thoughtful, and desperate to be allowed to go to a university. Despite their differences, the biggest problem is their fathers, warring over fossil territory in a bitter feud that has lasted decades. When the Bolts and the Cartlands unknowingly head to the same region of the Badlands to dig up the king of the dinosaurs, chaos ensues. Vandalism, warring Native American tribes, and jealous fathers threaten to pull Samuel and Rachel apart, but the feisty teenagers join forces to hunt for the rex together.

Why I liked it: This book immediately drew me in by its unique premise. Having a romance set against the background of the “Bone Wars” of the late 1800’s made Every Hidden Thing remarkable and captivating. Kenneth Oppel also created realistic teenage protagonists: passionate, misunderstood, hasty, and optimistic, I fell in love with Samuel and Rachel easily. I was a bit put off by some teenage sexuality, but the rest of the book was top notch.

Audience: Young adult

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