Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton

27405160.jpgWhat it’s about: Good Morning, Midnight follows two extreme explorers who are trying to regain contact with Earth after an unknown catastrophic event. One explorer is Augustine, an aged Arctic explorer and researcher who is living out his last days under his beloved telescopes. The other is Sully, a female astronaut returning to Earth with a crew of space explorers, fresh from the first in-person observation of Jupiter’s moons. When both explorers find that all of Earth’s communication channels have suddenly gone dark, they must wrestle with the ominous possibility of their own extinction.

Why I liked it: Lily Brooks-Dalton has delicious, descriptive prose. The characters were thoughtful, and her writing is controlled and capable. (Also, how about that cover design??) However, I found myself a bit disappointed in general. The idea is such a good one, but it doesn’t delve much further than a concept. It seemed like the author intentionally avoided engaging in any action or answering any questions. While I’m always a fan of leaving plot points up to a reader’s interpretation, in this case it felt like a complete avoidance of any rising action or plot. It was beautiful and a novel idea, but I wanted more engagement with the story.

Audience: Adult


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