Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

vengeance-road-cover_hres1What it’s about: Vengeance Road is a wild west tale about Kate Thompson, who is hunting the notorious Rose Riders to avenge her father’s murder. On the way, she meets a pair of crotchety brothers who help her scheme a way to bring down the murderous gang who are in hunt of a hidden goldmine. But the trek over Arizona’s brutal desert is trickier than they anticipated, and Waylan Rose will do anything to get his hand on his coveted treasure. This fast-paced and exciting read is a love letter to the old West, and one that kept me glued to my couch for a good 4 hours.

Why I liked it: Having just moved from Utah’s desert to New Hampshire, this book really hit the spot for me. It’s a tough and gripping Wild West story, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with Kate and her compatriots. They’re strong, flawed, frustrating, and gentle, and perfect against the background of the scorching and gorgeous west. Also, be warned that you’ll be speaking like a cowboy for a solid hour after reading this book.

Audience: YA

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