Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

51GtXUDJZzL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_What it’s about: Welcome to Bone Gap, Indiana, where nearly nothing happens. That is, until one spring when a beautiful injured woman shows up on the doorstep of Finn and his older brother. She hardly speaks English but Finn’s brother convinces her to stay and rest. Soon, days turn to weeks and months, and the entire town falls in love with Roza, Finn’s older brother most of all. But something odd is happening in Bone Gap, and when Roza disappears one day, Finn is the only one who seems to know what happened. But who is going to believe silent farmboy who’s always seemed a little off? A suspenseful tale that interweaves spine-tingling magical realism, family loyalty, and the weird highs and lows of teenage love.

Why I liked it: Though not my favorite novel this year, Bone Gap followed in Neil Gaiman’s eerie tradition by creating a world that is 98% normal and 2% wildly fantastic. By merging the summer before senior year in rural Indiana with a time-traveling predatory villain, Laura Ruby manages to reach out and destabilize my own comfortable sense of what is real. Not to mention that the women in the story– a brilliant beekeeping adventuress and the brave, Polish Roza– will keep you engaged at every page.

Audience: Young Adult

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