TOP 10: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve been holding out on you because I’ve had this blog for 4+ weeks and still haven’t written about Six of Crows. This one is the most delicious, self-indulgent literary treats a fantasy lover could get their hands on. Fantasy? Check. Heist? Check. Brooding anti-heros? Wild thieves? Outrageous odds?23437156.jpg Check, check, check! I loved it so much that I got it from the library and then bought it online because I plan on keeping it forever and reading it to my kids.

What it’s about: Six of Crows follows an unlikely band of talented thieves through a slightly-magical world (based loosely off Amsterdam/ the Scandinavian countries) to bust a scientist out of a well-guarded fortress. Not sure I need to say much more, but there are epic journeys, impossible odds, a dash of romance, old-fashioned rifles, and a fabulous mix of humor and suspense that will keep you plastered to your couch until it’s finished.

Why I liked it: I feel like I hardly have to explain myself after the paragraph above, but I will add this: in addition to the excellent plot, Bardugo is a master storyteller. Her pacing is fabulous, and the characters are real and riveting. While some elements may be outrageous, at its core Six of Crows is relatable, emotional, and extremely satisfying.

It is helpful to note that there is a sequel to the book that is coming Fall 2016! If you finish Six of Crows and are slavering for more (can’t blame you), go read Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy!  Same world, different characters, just as good.

Audience: Older teen/young adult

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