10 Things to Do in a Weekend in Moab

So, we’ve talked about the Bookworm part of this blog, but what about the Desert? As context, I started this blog because of the time I spend reading in the back of our Honda Element after a morning of biking on the trail. In the spirit of honoring the roots of the Desert Bookworm, here’s a beginner’s guide to spending a fabulous weekend in Moab, UT.

  • Mountain bike (my personal favorite!) – There’s some thrilling desert riding here of all skill levels. Check out Klondike Bluffs and the Horsethief Area for places with lots of trails and beginner-appropriate rides. You big-shot riders, try Captain Ahab.

The faithful steed on Getaway Trail (Horsethief Area)

  • Float the Green River – If you go down in the summer, you can’t beat a day floating the Green River in tubes. There’s a few small rapids areas to keep you on your toes (er, tube) and an awesome beach area for free camping, slacklining, bonfires, etc.
  • Camp along Kane Creek Road – Kane Creek road is a gorgeous drive that goes along a beautiful canyon area next to the river. There’s some really pretty camping and amazing redrock cliffs. Check out the petroglyphs that are visible just by pulling over to the side of the road.
  • Gemini Bridges – If you want to see some cool arches and gorgeous redrock, check out the Gemini Bridges in Horsethief area.

Gemini Bridges

  • Negro Bill Canyon hike – For an easy hike that goes up by the Morning Glory arch, try Negro Bill. It’s a pretty hike that’s easily accessible and rewarding.
  • Canyoneering – This is one of our favorite pastimes in Southern Utah, but if it’s your first time I’d recommend going with someone who’s experienced. Some of our favorites are Quandary Canyon and Medieval Chamber, which rappels off of Morning Glory arch.
  • Jeeping – Confession: I’ve actually never done this, but I’d be remiss to leave it off the list. Moab is a huge jeeping destination, boasting incredible trails and views ( I’ve heard Fins and Things and Hell’s Revenge are fun trails, or if you’re a pro, try Cliffhanger Trail in the Amasa Back area). If you’re jeepless, no fear; there are a bunch of places to rent Jeeps and then take them up wild backroads trails.
  • Arches National Park  – I mean, it’s right there, and pretty cool to see at least once. (Get in for FREE April 16 – 24 for National Park Week!! Otherwise it’s like $20/car.)
  • Moab movie theater – This isn’t the most glamorous place, but after a big day of winter biking, fewer things are better than grabbing dinner and waiting out the cold by crashing at the Moab movie theater. It’s a tiny two-screen theater with mediocre seats, two showtimes a day, and three employees. But nothing beats it after a long day.
  • Food! – Our absolutely favorite burger place in the whole world is Ray’s Tavern in Green River. Green River is home to about 700 people, but Ray’s is always hopping because every river guide and mountain biker knows the allure of their cheeseburger loaded with fry sauce. If you’re sticking around in Moab proper, our favorite joint is Zax pizza. It’s a delicious pizza place with really good pies  (try the honey chicken) and a very tasty, fresh buffet. Honorable mention to the Love Muffin Cafe (get the breakfast burritos).

Fun fact: we drove to 2.5 hours to catch Valentine’s Dinner at Ray’s last year. Worth every second.

Plus, Moab’s just a great place to park the car, enjoy the view, and crack open a good book.


Bikes and books, what could be better?


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